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Funky Fleece

Mr Hettie has been buying and wearing silly hats for years and many of his Scouting friends know that he doesn't like to be seen in the same hat for too long at camp.  Following on from customer requests and our 2 grandsons, we now bring you Funky Fleece Hats and Funky Fleece Tails.The hats are great fun and super warm, the tails are shaped, stuffed and adjustable. Made from 100% Polar Fleece, they come in a range of colours and wacky designs.


Plenty of Fabric Choice!

Following customers asking me if the hats i wear were for sale, I thought it was about time to see if the world was ready for Hetties Crafty Creations to branch out and make its own range of funky fleece hats.
Here's just some of the vibrant colours we have on offer.


Hand Made

This is the work station where all the magic happens. We have made all the instruction labels, brand tags and the templates too.
Keep your eyes peeled for new designs as I become more creative and daring with the designs

Funky Fleece Hats

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, They come in Child S, M & L, and Adult but if you have a specific request for a design, we can make them to your size requirements too.
(S =19", M = 20", L = 21", Adult = 23")

Funky Fleece Tails

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, these Tails are shaped and filled. 

The outside is made from 100% polar fleece and each one comes with a plastic clip buckle on an adjustable webbing belt so you can have years of use whilst your little ones grow.

We can make for Adult sizes too and if you have a specific request for a design, please get in touch.

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