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Lakeside Camping

Paracord Survival Products

Made from 550 Paracord

Individually made  items using 550 Paracord. each piece of paracord has between 7 & 9 inner strands making these items extremely strong and hard wearing.
Made in a range of colours and designs these practical items will look good and can be used in a survival/emergency situation such as broken shoe lace, bag strap, belt or even in the wilderness to help make shelters and other camping gadgets.
There is typically 12" of paracord per 1" of finished product.
all items can be made in your choice of colours and in most designs
take a look at the products below and select the personalisation you require.



From £2.50

A 5" Cobra Weave keyring with Aluminium Carabina. Ideal for making your keys easier to find, identify, and attach to your belt loop or on your bag.
Could be used to attach drinks bottles to school bags or anything else you didn't want to loose.
(contains 50" cord, available in a range of colours)


From £5.50

Stylish, attractive colours and practical.
Available in a range of different weaves/designs, these individually designed and handmade bracelets come with a plastic clip buckle and can be mmade in any size and colour combination to suit your style.
Each bracelet can contain from 2m - 6m of paracord

Dog Leads & Collars

From £18.00

Due to the very high breaking strain of the Paracord used in the construction of these products and the high quality of the clips and "D" rings used, these products are light weight and extremely durable.
with between 15 - 30m of paracord in each one you can be sure that you could utilise the cord in a survival situation.
these can be made in any colour combination you want.

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