Cabachon Jewellery

From £3.50

Each Cabachon is made with a unique and eye-catching centres from geometric designs to characters and sparkles.

These are our fastest selling items at the moment and would make a lovely gift or as a treat for yourself. 

Available in a range of styles and sizes from keyrings to bracelets, earrings to necklaces in gold, burnished, or silver finish, you need to look closely at the design before choosing to buy as each one is as unique as you are.


Cabachon Earrings

From £3.50

Cabachon Necklaces

From £6.50

Cabachon Keyrings

From £3.50

Cabachon Bracelets

From £9.00

Cabachon Hair Accessories

From £3.00

Jewellery Sets

From £12.00

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